View: Terra Nova – Who needs dinosaurs, time travel and rayguns when you have old I Love Lucy plots?

There are previews and reviews, but sometimes you need to look at something in progress to really appreciate it.  This is a View.

Terra Nova.  I was excited. Time travel, dinosaurs, future technology, Steven Spielberg.  It sounded like a great combination.  What went wrong?  I tried.  Two and a half episodes. I turned it off when the woman remembered her college beau and not her husband.  What does this have to do with anything? Continue reading


The Gnarrative Will Devour You

Holy Moley!  I forgot to promote Gnarrative

Gnarrative is a small enclave of crazed story enthusiasts whacked out on tropes, snorting setting and injecting structure directly into your eyes.  We (yes, I’m one) look at story from all sorts of different angles and then usually lie down and have a nap.  If you haven’t checked out Gnarrative and you’re a story junkie c’mon over.  The first hit’s free (as are all subsequent hits).

In An Alternate Reality Lost Had Answers: Part III – By the Numbers

It is the weight, not numbers of experiments that is to be regarded.
– Isaac Newton

Almost two weeks past the finale and already the plot begins to fade, like all unresolved issues, from my mind.  I’ll finish today with the first mystery.  I’m sure I’ve missed some (pipe up and I’ll solve them for you), but the point of these posts was not to plug every hole, but just to show that it could be done.  There could have been a solution.  There could have been an end.  Instead the creators chose to stop dead (pardon the pun).  Narrative is about adding meaning to the universe which has enough mystery of it’s own thank you very much.

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In an Alternate Reality Lost Had Answers: Part II – Why Are We Here?

I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it.  ~Jack Handey

As the week since the finale has progressed I’ve seen many people begin to defend the show and say, “they gave me what I wanted.” That’s all well and good and I would not venture to take away another’s pleasure, but for me they didn’t provide what was promised.  The search for meaning and purpose in a chaotic world was brought up as a theme again and again.   In the end we are shown Jack finding his purpose, but what was it and why?

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In an Alternate Reality Lost Had Answers: Part I – What Is the Island?

Everyone always complains about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it.

So the end of Lost was a disappointment.  The writers set a lot of plots in motion but couldn’t figure out how to tie them altogether, so they picked the ones that they knew they could wrap up and left all the rest a “mystery.”  Fine.  It’s their choice and maybe there was no way to tie all those different pieces together into something that would make sense and that people would care about…or maybe there was.  Here’s my attempt. Continue reading

6X – The One Page Role Playing System

ARpGONAUTRole playing games might better be titled life simulators, for that is what they try so hard to do, recreate life while rewriting all the pesky laws, physical and legal, that get in the way of a good adventure.  Often though, the simulation becomes bogged down in its own rules.  It’s no fun searching through massive tomes for obscure information about rifle recoil rates to see how they might affect the outcome of a superhero battle.  In the best life simulators, story trumps reality everytime.  6X is a simple system for telling a collabortive story, perfect for beginners and those more interested in story than reality.  Click through for the PDF.  Read it, print it, play it, share it.

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