You + Me = Alchemy

In the story Alchemy, I attempted to write something dark.  It was an adolescent pursuit I suppose, though I was far past adolescence at the time, but still an interesting experiment. 

The story centers around a central flip.  Religious extremism and what it causes people to do has been a central issue of the last decade. This causes many to place the blame for the acts on the beliefs behind them. In the story I posit someone taking a scientific principle to the extreme, mangling it and misinterpreting it and committing a horrific act. I enjoy it for its simplicity.

Interestingly, when some who know me read this story, they became quite concerned.  The distance between teller and tale that is evident and even frustrating to the author is often invisible to the audience. After some brief reassurances that I was fine and that no cats had been harmed in the creation of the story, life moved on. Still, I wonder sometimes if they haven’t put me on a watch for any unusual behaviors.