“Paradigm Shift” December/January 2009 Issue, AlienSkin Magazine – (No longer Available)

“Held Up” March 2009 Issue, Ruthless Peoples Magazine

“The Apple Tree” April 9, 2009, Every Day Fiction

“Alchemy” April 25, 2009, Everyday Weirdness

“Poddle Jumper” TBD, Flashscribe  (Defunct Before Publication)

“A Hatful of Rabbits” July 2009 Issue, Crossed Genres

“I Don’t Believe in Fairies” August 23, 2010, Big Pulp – (No Direct Link Available – Listed Under Fantasy)

“Brother, Can You Spare the Time?” January 27, 2011, Kasma Science Fiction

The Power of the Pawn” February 28, 2011, Every Day Fiction

“Equality” (poetry) March, 2011, joyful!

“Agape Ex Machina” Forthcoming, Golden Visions Magazine

Plus –

A Hatful of Rabbits – A short collection of many of the above stories in digital form.


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