When Bank Robbers Were Heroes

Here’s a story I published a couple years ago called Held Up In 2008 I found myself suddenly interested in the world of economics when it all began to collapse.  It’s funny because a lot of the fallout is just hitting my personal life now, three years later.  I wrote this story, which is not meant to be overtly political, just to question the way our presumptions about institutions rub up against our presumptions about individuals.  We give corporations the full rights of man, yet we don’t hold them accountable the way we would any individual.  Indeed if one was to meet a man whose only motivation was profit and would commit all kinds of crimes and/or have laws rewritten to achieve that goal, we would call him an asshole.  When corporations do it and destroy themselves in the process we rush in to save them.  Playing with these ideas gave me a greater understanding of the 1930’s when all the heroes were either gangsters or western outlaws.


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