In an Alternate Reality Lost Had Answers: Part II – Why Are We Here?

I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it.  ~Jack Handey

As the week since the finale has progressed I’ve seen many people begin to defend the show and say, “they gave me what I wanted.” That’s all well and good and I would not venture to take away another’s pleasure, but for me they didn’t provide what was promised.  The search for meaning and purpose in a chaotic world was brought up as a theme again and again.   In the end we are shown Jack finding his purpose, but what was it and why?

You may wish to read Part I to understand what I’m talking about.

Why are we here?

Continuing on from the Nexus/Schrödinger’s Cat idea, the inciting incident of the plot of Lost (i.e. why it’s all happening now and not some other time in the deep past) is the arrival of the Black Rock.  At that point in history Richard arrived and was the first human to lay eyes on Jacob/MIB.  This commenced the breakdown of the wave function and forced a conflict between the two.  Once the Cat is observed it can no longer be both possibly dead and possibly alive it  must be one or the other.  Jacob and MIB, Yin and Yang, Life and Death are thrown into conflict with one another.  The battle to save or destroy the island is the battle is the ultimate battle between life and death.

Okay, but why are we here?

The castaways (as well as the Dharma Initiative, and Charles Widmore and the Others) were drawn to the island by a desperate and dying Jacob in an attempt to restore the Life/Death balance.  He know his days are numbered but can use the power of the island to choose the reality that allows him to survive the longest, so he can find his (and MIBs) replacement.  This is why the world of the Dharma Initiative and the castaways are so synchronous.  In the past Jacob’s influence has extended only to the point of choosing to exhalt man and promote his development, but now he’s just pulling together a bunch of strands of the tapestry in an effort to find someone who can take his place.

What is the Sideways Universe?

The sideways universe is exactly what we thought it was an alternate reality that exists because of the detonation of Jughead.  However, it’s also a reality in which MIB has been defeated and Jacob is the chosen of the two.  So everything is happy right? Not quite the world needs balance and as this alternate season six would unfold we would reach the time when the repercussions of not having death would unfold. Soon after Oceanic 815 lands, no one would die.  It would become a world wide catastrophe.  One example, Sayid is an insurgent in Iraq captured and sentenced to death, only to survive his execution and escape in a blaze of gunfire.  Hooray, except the world can’t support an immortal population and how are you supposed to punish people who aren’t afraid of death and what would people do if they knew they couldn’t die?  The consequence of Lost just got global and tangible.

Don’t worry, more answers to come…


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