6X – The One Page Role Playing System

ARpGONAUTRole playing games might better be titled life simulators, for that is what they try so hard to do, recreate life while rewriting all the pesky laws, physical and legal, that get in the way of a good adventure.  Often though, the simulation becomes bogged down in its own rules.  It’s no fun searching through massive tomes for obscure information about rifle recoil rates to see how they might affect the outcome of a superhero battle.  In the best life simulators, story trumps reality everytime.  6X is a simple system for telling a collabortive story, perfect for beginners and those more interested in story than reality.  Click through for the PDF.  Read it, print it, play it, share it.

6x – The One Page Role Playing System

Creative Commons License

6X – The One Page Role Playing System by Benjamin Jacobson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

For a demonstration of play check out A 6X Story – An Example of Play

Update: Due to popular demand I’ve created a place to play this game on Facebook.  Just a simple discussion board.  Click here and that should give you access and if you like it, “like” it.  Have fun.


30 thoughts on “6X – The One Page Role Playing System

  1. If possible I’d like to request an example of how you’d handle combat and the possibility of death. I think this system is superb for fast play, but I would like to know how you’d handle a violent situation.

    Also, any tips for streamlining it for online forum play?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

      Death and combat are handled like any other situation. Initiative first then trade turns. Generally what will happen is a player will say “I stab him through the heart, killing him instantly.” If the victim is some unsuspecting shlub, then fair enough, the six is the man sees your attack coming and alerts security while placing you in a full nelson. If the victim is your ultra-boss, super, ninja commando, then the six would be your character’s instant death. Most player wouldn’t want to take that chance and come up with a less dramatic attack (although some want to live on the edge and that’s fine). So combat becomes a trading of risk/reward until the enemy has been widdled down to something more manageable or the player’s character is and then they try to escape or surrender. So if the player says “I want to stab the ultra boss in the chest,” but he’s already managed to damage ultra-boss’s armor and fill the room with poison gas and cut off the villain’s hand, then the six might be something worth risking, like “you’re seized by the villain as an armed henchmen enters the room.” Does that clear it up? I think it’s really quite fun because each possibility opens up new storylines.

      As for streamlining it for online play…I don’t know. It’s already pretty small. Maybe each player gets to suggest a possibility in a post and then the GM picks the best or substitutes his own. You’d have to trust the GM to make the roll as well. I haven’t played online much, but if you want to create an online version, you have my blessing.

      Again, thanks for taking the time to look it over. I hope you have fun with it.

  2. Just to say thanks for this, I will be using it to resurrect roleplaying evenings round mine, with a few tweaks… starting prob. with a d4 rather than d6, to save on options.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for trying it out. Yeah, a d4 would definitely save time. I picked a d6 because I wanted it to be easily playable by anyone, even people who hadn’t played an RPG before. Hence the most common die, the d6.

      Let me know how it works out and again thanks for playing. It makes me feel great to think that other people are enjoying my little invention.



    • Absolutely! Especially since those extremes can get very extreme depending on what type of game you like to run. Cutting down on their likelyhood could streamline play quite well.

  3. I love the rules. It’s quite easy to understand and might get me through nanowrimo next year. i’m going to playtest it thoroughly to see what the options are. I have d&d books lying around, so now I can use them, with this system.
    Thanks for the system.

  4. isn’t there a forum coming for this game?
    could be fun to read what other players are doing.
    And maybe playing games over the internet.
    I’m going to use the system to write a story, could be fun.

  5. Oh man, thanks so much for this. I discovered this game a week ago and since then I’ve played two solo campaigns – one of which was recorded in little memo pad for portable fun! – and narrated one for someone else through IMs. This is the perfect engine for those of us who enjoy story-weaving more than number-crunching. I love how universal 6X is! This game needs a fansite/community, pronto.

    To address the poster who wanted a forum for the game: Any forum with a built-in die roller or customizable number generator should suffice. Certain chat clients have a die roller as well. If you can’t get access to any of these, you’ll just have to convince your players that you’re trustworthy. ;-D

    • I’m so glad you are having fun with it.

      By the way, if anyone gets a game running on a public forum I’d love to get a link to it, both out of curiosity and so that I can link to it from here to show further examples of play. As I’ve said before, if I knew what I was doing I’d gladly host here, but the technical aspects are currently beyond me.

  6. As requested, I’ve created a page on Facebook to facilitate play. I’ve also updated the post here to reflect that. If there’s interest, I may even run a game over there, or run in one. Any takers?

    • I checked out the Facebook thing, but I don’t get how we’d use that for playing online. Could you explain it? If I can figure it out, I’d be interested. (Although I’d prefer if someone could get a forum together like was earlier mentioned…)

      • I believe it works just like a forum. The situation could be posted with a new thread for each decision discussion. Followed by the roll/results and then a new thread for discussion. To be honest I haven’t really tried it out yet, but if you want to give it a try I’ll play with you.

        Facebook has the advantages of price ($0), availability and ease of setup. Alternatively, I would jump over to any forum that wants to host a game and gladly endorse it here.

  7. I have created a forum over here: 6iks.forumo.biz
    for the people that don’t have facebook, or just like a forum much better. There isn’t much to see now, but I would like to start a suggestion thread to create the board to the likings of the crowd.

      • i’ve improved the forum with the suggestions given, and I’m recruiting more members also, the more the merrier. Let’s hope there will be a game going soon.

      • I kicked off a game (posted what it is about, Now I need roles for players to fill in and then I will kick off the story.

  8. Yeah, I’m up for a game, but don’t have ideas for where/characters or whatever. Also, I found the forum-like thing on the Facebook, but I can’t seem to find how to start a new topic for a game. Am I doing something wrong?

    Also, on a sidenote, I made a simple program to play 6x, but it’s not quite done, and it’s using the ideas James had above for 6, 5-4, 3-2, 1 weighted die rolls so it’s harder to completely fail. I’ll post a comment with a link when I get it finished.

    • I’ve started a thread on the discussion board area of the 6X facebook site called “Demonstration Game.” You should be able to access it through the discussions link on the right hand menu of the page. If you can, please post a reply there and we’ll see if we can get this working. As for world and characters, we can discuss it there once it’s up and running.

      To return your sidenote, I’m very excited about your program. Please do post a link and, with your permission, I’d love to add the link to the main article when it’s fully ready.

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